jiliko App

Download jiliko APP to enjoy the most convenient betting experience

Installing the jiliko iOS / Android apk app on your phone will allow all players to enjoy the convenience of betting on the games you are interested in anytime, anywhere. jiliko APP is a great option and the easiest for the new generation of players who are interested in starting to play gambling games, just download the app and install it on your phone, it will It supports both Android and iOS systems.

jiliko APP is convenient for you to choose

jiliko is the leading online casino site in Asia and the Philippines. For the convenience of all players who like to play online casino games, jiliko has launched the jiliko APP, which allows you to experience casino games anytime by downloading the jiliko app on your cell phone.

Advantages of installing jiliko APP on cell phone

It is not difficult to install jiliko app on cell phone, all players can download it quickly, there are 3 advantages to install jiliko APP:

1. Free installation of jiliko

The jiliko APP is a free app that can be downloaded by simply going to the official jiliko online casino website.

2. It supports both Android and iOS operating systems

The jiliko APP can be downloaded and installed on all cell phones, whether Android or iOS. 3.

3. Support all types of mobile networks in the Philippines

jiliko APP is an application that can be used in various forms with the leading mobile networks in the Philippines.

For those who are interested in installing jiliko APP on their cell phones, you can continue to see the download tutorial below.

Downloading jiliko APP on iOS

Starting from players using iOS cell phones, all players can start to install jiliko APP as follows.

Step 1: Login to jiliko official website and click to download iOS APP.

  • Click to download
  • Select Allow

Step 2: Installation

  • Go to Settings > General > Select Manage Profiles and Devices
  • Select jiliko APP
  • Click Install
  • Click to start downloading

Step 3: Login to jiliko APP for IOS

  • Login
  • Enter your username and password and click Login again.
  • Start playing in jiliko

That’s it, all players with iOS phones can easily install jiliko APP and start playing and placing bets right away!

Downloading jiliko APP on Android

If you want to install jiliko APP on your Android phone, you can follow the steps below to start the installation.

Step 1: Go to jiliko webpage. 1.

  • Click on the download page
  • Download Android QR code
  • Start downloading
  • Go to line and join jiliko friends
  • Open the downloaded QR code image and scan it
  • Click the link at the top

Step 2: Install jiliko Android APP

  • Click Install
  • Confirm and click download
  • Click jiliko_en.apk
  • Start the installation
  • Click Open after successful download.

Step 3: Login and start betting.

  • If you are already a jiliko member, please log in, new players please register first
  • Enter your username and password, then click Login
  • And start betting

For users with Android phones, the download process is a bit more complicated than for iOS phones, but it is still an easy way to download and the process only takes a short 5 minutes.


You can always have fun with jiliko from your cell phone. jiliko offers many games like live casino, slot games, poker games and many more with beautiful graphics, realistic sound and light effects that are sure to please all players. In addition, players who like to bet on sports or lotteries can also use their cell phones to place bets at any time, and all actions will be carried out in the same way as betting through the computer, just scan the QR code and start playing through your cell phone.